26 Aug

What would a 68 unit development on Austin Street look like?

What would 68 units of housing on Austin street look like? A drive around Waltham offers a number of examples but one complex on the corner of River and Elm streets provides a lesson in scale. Though attractive, this development is only 34 units; walking around it, one can begin to imagine the magnitude of a building double the size. At its highest point, the 68 unit, four story building in Newtonville will line narrow Austin St. In an congested and high traffic area, this development will loom over and impose itself on our village.

It is worth noting that the original proposal for Austin street was for “at least 20 units.” The original proposal accepted by the City was for 87 units. Newtonville residents are not against change but they the development was and is much too large. Residents also oppose effectively selling much needed public land (198 year lease) at an undervalued price. As is,  residents are still concerned with how the 68 units will radically change their neighborhood.